Scheduling Caddies
Made Simple.

We’ll help your club streamline their caddie programme

Scheduling Caddies
Made Simple.

We’ll help your club streamline their caddie programme

Our Mission

Founded by Irish caddies, we are driven to make life better for club staff and caddies through technology. We are already making an impact at clubs across the country, with 1000’s of caddie rounds scheduled using Handicaddie.

Customer Review

What People Say

I think the number one benefit for us was being able to run the caddie programme from my mobile from anywhere, it saved us a lot of time…. Our more experienced caddies also got used to the app very quickly which was great… We are looking forward to working with Handicaddie next season!”
-Ross Mcken
PGA Professional at Trump International, Aberdeen

We Are Handicaddie

We are a group of highly motivated individuals with passion for golf. Handicaddie was founded by an Irish caddie, made for caddies. We want to leave a lasting impact on golf Industry that will change the experience of how caddie programs are managed in the modern era.

The Team

Ryan Bennett

Product Designer
Ryan is a highly skilled user experience designer, with a passion for all things golf related. In addition to his experience working for Rapid Agency, he also has a background in illustration, branding, web/app development and a number of other skills.

Graham Curry

Founder & Ceo

Graham grew up as a caddie at Castlerock Golf Club , and now works as a caddie master at Kingsbarns Golf Links, managing a roster of over 200 caddies who conduct 18,000 jobs each season. Graham’s deep knowledge of the industry as well as connections within Irish and Scottish Clubs gives Handicaddie an unfair advantage in gaining traction at landmark clubs in these countries.

Jamie Kee

Software Engineer
In addition to caddying at Castlerock Golf Club alongside Graham, Jamie is a highly experienced software engineer who has worked for companies including Deliveroo and Rapid7. Additionally, in the same time frame Jamie has spent his own time building products for multiple tech start-ups in Northern Ireland. With all this experience Jamie has built skills in how to plan, build, scale and maintain cloud applications with modern infrastructure.

Caddying Industry Across The Globe

Caddying around the world is an amazing opportunity for golf lovers, and Handicaddie makes it even better. Handicaddie is a platform that connects golfers with local caddies at top golf destinations. It provides a convenient and easy way to find caddies who can guide you through the game and help you make the most of your golfing experience. Whether you’re looking to take your game to the next level or simply want to enjoy a relaxing round of golf, Handicaddie is the perfect way to make your caddying dreams a reality. With Handicaddie, you can caddy around the world and have the time of your life!

3500 Caddie Programs

Currently there are around 3500 golf clubs operating with caddie programs. Handicaddie will help to grow this even further.

38M Caddie Rounds Per Year

38 million caddie rounds on average played annually demonstrates the enduring popularity of golf as a leisure activity.

How It Works

1. Create Bookings​

Caddie Masters have the power to reserve and schedule caddies based on the caddies availability. Our innovative timesheet can be customised to clash against your tee time sheet so you know when exactly caddies are required. Next simply select the caddies you want fulfil this job. Yes, you are completely in control!

2. Caddie Recieves Request​

Once a booking is request sent out your caddie will receive a job notification on their Handicaddie Companion app. They will be then be required to accept or deny the job request.

3. Instant Feedback​

This information is vital as it will allow caddiemasters to see if there is any of his caddies unable to fulfill their jobs, allowing caddiemasters to keep track and manage their caddies with ease.

Our All In One Solution

Handicaddie simplifies running caddie programmes through having a single point of entry for all caddie bookings, saving time and money for clubs. Instead of communicating for hours to arrange jobs, staff can now schedule caddies in minutes through our intuitive scheduling software which will only display caddies who have said they’re available at that time. Caddies can then set their availability on our caddie app in advance and accept jobs that suit their lifestyle, creating an efficient lifestyle for gig workers.


£1 / Caddie Scheduled
  • Tee sheet integration, we can work with your club to make your tee sheet speak to Handicaddie
  • No annual contracts!
  • App for caddies, ensuring you know hourly availability
It makes life easier for caddies and caddiemasters.
No missed calls or lost handwritten notes. Great idea making life easier for both me and my Club Caddy Master.
Caddie at Arglass Golf Club


Handicaddie has...

Golf Clubs Currently Using​
500 +
Caddie Rounds Scheduled
10 %
Bespoke Solution For Golf Clubs​

Frequently Asked Questions

We will take care of all onboarding, meaning starting with Handicaddie is as simple as creating a profile in 2 minutes. Your caddies can sign up through a link we distribute to our app.

Yes, our mobile app is available for caddies on IOS and Android.

Caddies will get notified via the app and through email when they have been chosen for a job

Yes, our app shows caddies that are available for the day but haven’t yet been chosen for the job so you can slot them in if new bookings appear. If a cancellation by a golfer occurs, you can cancel the caddie job on Handicaddie.

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