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Elevate your caddie programme with lightening-fast scheduling. We’re eradicating 100+ hours of painful admin at top caddie programmes across the globe.

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At Handicaddie We Understand Your Pain

The role of a caddiemaster is challenging, requiring diverse skills to manage caddie schedules and customer demands in a fast-paced setting. Yet, unnecessary issues can complicate the job:

  • Scheduling issues on a daily basis
  • Caddie shortages
  • Using multiple tools to run the program, ie WhatsApp, phone calls, spreadsheets, etc
  • Unexpected cancellations
  • Time wasted on needless administrative tasks

 What Handicaddie Can Do For You​


Services to Help Run Your Caddie Programme​

Welcome to Handicaddie, where exceptional services meet all your golfing needs. Our cutting-edge software is specifically designed to transform the mundane tasks of running a caddie program into a seamless and efficient experience, empowering you and your caddies to deliver an exceptional level of service to both members and guests.

Reliable system

Full control


Reliable source


Instant feedback


Saving time


Tee Up For Efficiency With Our Caddie App


The Handicaddie Effect

We’re thrilled with the incredible success we’ve had at the golf clubs we partner with! It’s been a game-changer, allowing us to eliminate more than 10 hours of administrative tasks per week! Let’s dive in and see how much valuable time Handicaddie can save you. 

Your Caddie Programme

The number of caddie rounds you are expecting to do this season


Hours Taken Without Handicaddie:

Hours Taken Using Handicaddie:

Hours Saved:

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Specialised Handicaddie Features

Real Time Availability

Know exactly when your caddies are able to take jobs

Instant Feedback

Through our traffic light system you will know exactly the status on caddies accepting job requests

Streamline View​

Condensed view of all your bookings


Plan your caddie schedule in advance and publish when ready​

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Our All In One Solution For Caddie Scheduling​

Handicaddie streamlines caddie programs by centralising bookings, saving clubs time and money. Our user-friendly scheduling software simplifies the process, allowing staff to swiftly assign available caddies in minutes. Caddies can set their availability in advance via our app, choosing jobs that fit their Lifestyle.

”It makes life easier for caddies and caddiemasters.”

“No missed calls or lost handwritten notes. Great idea making life easier for both me and my Club Caddy Master.”


Staff members spending too much time scheduling using multiple platforms. A very expensive and unsustainable process to manage a large caddie programme.


After 6 months of implementation, we were able to reduce Gullane's administrative costs by approximately £7000 and provide them with a user-friendly, dependable system.


Lundin Link's lacked a formal caddie programme, with only a handful of caddies insufficient for official services, their inability to advertise this feature led to lost business from tour operators


A team of 50 dedicated caddies, significantly enhancing bookings. Last season, our system supported over 300 caddie rounds, boosting Lundin Links' revenue. The addition of a caddie program also led to 50 more green fees, generating about £7500 in extra revenue.


Handicaddie Saves Time

"Caddie scheduling takes a quarter of the time than it did before!"


- Connor Jones 



We Are Handicaddie

We are a group of highly motivated individuals with passion for golf. Handicaddie was founded by an Irish caddie, made for caddies.

We want to leave a lasting impact on golf Industry that will change the experience of how caddie programs are managed in the modern era.


Meet Our Team


Graham Curry

Graham, with experience as a caddie and caddiemaster at renowned golf clubs, brings a wealth of industry knowledge and connections to Handicaddie, giving the company a competitive edge in Irish and Scottish Clubs.


Ryan Bennett

Ryan, a skilled UX designer with a passion for golf, crafts intuitive experiences that leave a lasting impression. Handicaddie relies on his expertise to ensure visually stunning, user-friendly digital platforms that meet customer needs.


Jamie Kee

Jamie Kee, a previous caddie, is a highly experienced software engineer who has also built products for tech start-ups in Northern Ireland. He has developed skills in planning, building, scaling, and maintaining cloud applications with modern infrastructure.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get setup with Handicaddie?

We will take care of all onboarding, meaning starting with Handicaddie is as simple as creating a profile in 2 minutes. Your caddies can sign up through a link we distribute to our app.

Does Handicaddie have a mobile caddie app?

Yes, our mobile app is available for caddies on IOS and Android. Just simply search for Handicaddie: Caddie Companion

How do caddies find out about jobs?

Caddies will get notified via the app and through email when they have been chosen for a job

My club has short notice bookings, would Handicaddie help with this?

Yes, our app shows caddies that are available for the day but haven’t yet been chosen for the job so you can slot them in if new bookings appear. If a cancellation by a golfer occurs, you can cancel the caddie job on Handicaddie.

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