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Handicaddie Caddie App Drives Revenue Growth At Lundin Links

A Customer Success Story: Lundin Links


In 2023 we had the pleasure of working with LundIn Links. Our collaboration extended beyond what we were used to dealing with. Lundin Links not only wanted a way to manage but also establish a caddie program from scratch. Safe to say this was a first for us but we were up to the challenge


A year prior our Founder Graham actually visited the club in person whilst in Scotland and it was evident then that they needed some help. When we approached Lundin Link’s we discovered that they didn't actually have a caddie programme in place, they had a few caddies but it wasn't enough to call it an active caddie programme. This meant that they couldn’t advertise it as a service and for that reason they were losing business from tour operators. Unsure of where to begin, they sought assistance from Handicaddie

what did we learn

From our conversations with their team we identified that there were two key areas that were causing an issue. Firstly, Lundin was struggling to find a regular amount of caddies to take bags. Secondly, they needed some ability to manage these caddies for any job opportunities that came up. Martin Ball, their General Manager was eager to implement a caddie programme as he understood the benefits it could have for the club and saw the value that the Handicaddie app could bring.


After we got a better understanding of their goals we set to work. Getting Lundin Links up and running took only a short amount of time thanks to our simple onboarding process. As previously mentioned, the golf club had little to no caddies. However, advertising that they were going to use a flexible caddie app that would work around their caddies’ needs attracted people to sign up.

on call

Final Result

Working alongside Lundin Links allowed us to bring our expertise to the table, tailoring a programme that perfectly suited their needs and aspirations. A year later, the impact of the Handicaddie app is undeniable. Lundin Links is now boasting a team of approximately 50 dedicated caddies who are readily available for any bookings. Over the course of the last season, our system facilitated more than 300 caddie rounds, contributing significantly to Lundin Links' revenue stream. They also reported that they managed to gain an extra 50 green fees since implementing a caddie programme. This equated to approximately £7500 in extra revenue for the club,  highlighting the value that the Handicaddie app has brought to our partnership.

“To any clubs considering using it. Handicaddie is so easy to use, both for the club and the caddies. Now that we can offer caddies, the visitor bookings have increased. It’s a WinWinWin - ClubCaddieGolfer 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿.”



What’s Next?

What Lundin Links has achieved is a great starting point and a huge milestone in their caddie programme and growing the reputation of the club as a whole. Lundin Links has also reported to us that they will be continuing our partnership and using our caddie app solution for another season. We are very proud of the progress made and we are looking to do even better this year in growing caddie operations. We would like to extend our thanks to Martin and his team for trusting us with this project. We are super excited to see what we can achieve this year and the season ahead.

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