How to Create an Effective Caddie Schedule

Caddie scheduling is a big deal at many golf clubs across the world. Why? Because having a great caddie by your side can make or break your golfing experience. Caddies carry your clubs, offer advice on the course, and keep track of your score. It’s important to have a caddie that you click with, and that’s where caddy scheduling comes in.

What is Caddie Scheduling?

The objective of effective caddie scheduling is firstly to ensure that supply meets demand. This involves proactive planning for days ahead and ensuring you have enough loopers to meet the golfers needs. Secondly, if possible, it’s always a huge value add for a golfer’s experience when a caddie is well fitted to their own “golfing personality”.

If a golfer is looking for a relaxed, chill round of golf, they might want a more laid-back caddie. But if they’re all about a fast-paced, competitive game, the golfer will require a energetic and highly skilled  looper to keep up with them

Making sure caddies are available when you need them is another critical factor in caddie scheduling. This means coordinating with the club’s tee time schedule and keeping track of caddie availability. In many instances, particular groups of caddies will only be available for certain days of the week, and with the independent contract nature of loopers, it is essential that communication is effective to ensure caddies are available when required.

How to Make Scheduling Caddies as Easy as Possible

To make caddie scheduling as easy and stress-free as possible, many golf club staff are now switching to using software to help manage the process of scheduling caddie jobs. Check out our blog below discussing this topic.

These tools can be used to track availability of the caddies for certain days, and reduce the time spending scheduling jobs by being able to send job opportunities to all caddies through an app. This has been seen to be of benefit for not only the golf club, but for caddies as well, as they no longer have to wait at their club for their assigned loop.

Scheduling caddie jobs using software is becoming increasingly more popular in the top golf clubs worldwide each year, and that trend is set to continue. 

Have you implemented software for your caddie programme? Why not book a demo of Handicaddie today to see how it could be a great companion for your caddie programme!

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