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Top 5 Best Caddie Scheduling Apps

Caddie software solutions have gained popularity in recent years, especially among forward-thinking golf clubs. However, only a few solutions are making a significant impact in the golf industry with their caddie app. This guide takes a brief look at some of these companies, exploring their offerings and how they can benefit golf clubs seeking a caddie scheduling tool.

#1 Handicaddie


First on the list is a system that needs no introduction. Handicaddie is the newest company to appear on the market and is making great strides to being a key player in the market. Our team has been involved in the caddying industry for over 10 years and have learnt all the different aspects of running a caddie programme. So, when we say we understand the challenges you face, we truly mean it.

At the heart of our software is the ability to schedule caddies quickly and easily. With Handicaddie, golf clubs can assign caddies to jobs with just a few clicks, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. But that’s not all – like many of the other companies listed here, we have our very own caddie app that allows caddies to accept or decline jobs, giving them the flexibility they need to manage their schedules effectively. This feature helps golf clubs clarify that caddies are independent contractors, rather than employees, which is an important distinction that can save golf clubs time and money in the long run. Our system is designed to fit around how you operate.

Our platform is already being used by over 1000 caddies worldwide. They love the convenience of setting their availability in advance and accepting jobs through the app. In fact, Handicaddie has successfully attracted a new wave of young and enthusiastic caddies to these programmes. This means you’ll rarely experience shortages and can consistently provide an exceptional experience for your members and visitors.

At Handicaddie, we believe that managing a caddie program shouldn’t be a burden. Our software is intuitive, affordable, and easy to use, making it the ideal solution for golf clubs of all sizes. Let us help you streamline your caddie program so you can focus on what really matters – providing a world-class golf experience.

#2 Caddie Now

Caddie Now Landing PageCaddie Now. Based primarily in the US, this caddie software is used by approximately 74 golf clubs, managing over 11,000 caddies! Caddie Now offers a modern approach to caddie management, allowing clubs to take control of their program or optimise it with assistance. The platform also provides opportunities for individuals looking to enter the world of caddying. Caddies can sign up, complete detailed training modules, and become independent contractors working within the Caddie Now network.

The solution caters to large caddie programmes requiring a dedicated manager and provides a management platform to keep golf clubs organised. Complementing this, Caddie Now has developed a caddie app, enabling caddies to accept payments in the form of tips, which are processed within 48 hours after completing a round.
Noteworthy features include a built-in yardage book for accurate distance information, and the app allows caddies to create a work schedule aligned with their availability and lifestyle. Caddie Now empowers caddies to accept or decline jobs, referred to as “loops,” eliminating pressure to commit if the opportunity doesn’t align.

Conversely, caddie masters can request specific caddies for particular jobs.
The app facilitates rating exchanges between caddies and players, providing valuable feedback for golf clubs. Performance and overall experiences are recorded and fed into a dashboard for club review. A significant selling point is the platform’s integration capability with other management systems, such as popular timesheet providers. Notably, Caddie Now recently partnered with TagMarshal to enhance golf club understanding and manage pace of play. Golf can take on average around 4 hours to complete 18 holes, however this can be affected by different elements which can lead to slow play and will have an impact on the players enjoyment. Ultimately having a system like this will help golf clubs enhance the players’ experience and improve outside operations.

#3 Club Up

Club Up Landing Page

Club Up, the premier company in the caddie scheduling space, embarked on its journey in 2017 with the aim of revolutionising the caddie experience and providing golf clubs with an efficient scheduling platform. Their platform serves as a vital link between golf clubs and caddies, facilitating job opportunities and streamlining the organisation of caddie programs.

Club Up offers a member feature that enables users to save and store member preferences. These preferences are then communicated to caddies in advance of scheduled rounds. This valuable information empowers caddies to deliver top-notch service, enhancing the overall golfing experience for members. The platform boasts a comprehensive built-in dashboard that centralises all information related to the caddie program, providing golf clubs with real-time insights for continuous improvement, such as optimising pace of play.

Caddies partnering with Club Up operate as independent contractors and require a seamless way to receive job opportunities. Enter the Club Up caddie app – a user-friendly solution allowing caddies to set their availability and customise it using features like AM/PM preferences. This information is then utilised by golf clubs to create efficient caddie schedules that meet all incoming job requests.

In a recent development, Club Up has been acquired by Troon, the world’s largest golf and golf-related hospitality management company. With a presence at over 680 locations globally, Troon’s acquisition means that golf clubs partnering with them gain access to an extensive range of services, including the specialised caddy scheduling platform offered by Club Up. This acquisition underscores Club Up’s commitment to enhancing its services on a broader scale and aligning with a market leader in the golf industry.

#4 ForeTees

ForeTees stands out as a comprehensive cloud-based management and communication platform tailored specifically for private golf and country clubs. With a suite of tools and features, ForeTees aims to optimise club operations, enhance member engagement, and boost overall efficiency. The platform covers various aspects, including tee time reservations, event management, dining reservations, communication tools, and even offers an easy-to-use website editor for clubs seeking a fresh online presence.

While ForeTees has a multitude of features, this blog post focuses on its caddie scheduling capabilities. In 2011, ForeTees introduced a caddie management system to simplify and organise the responsibilities of caddie masters and golf staff in running caddie programs. The platform includes a dedicated caddie app called ForeCaddie, which functions similarly to other caddie scheduling apps in the market.

ForeCaddie allows caddies to communicate their availability to the caddiemaster, who can then offer job opportunities that caddies can accept or deny based on their schedules. This system ensures efficient communication and coordination, providing caddiemasters with real-time insights into the status of the caddie program and job fulfilment for planned weeks.

ForeTees has gained popularity in golf clubs across America, primarily for its efficient club management system that streamlines various operational aspects. Although specific details about the number of clubs utilising ForeTees’ caddie scheduling tool are not readily available, market research indicates that it is a preferred choice among clubs. Notably, several prominent country clubs have adopted ForeTees to manage their caddie programs, showcasing its relevance and effectiveness in the golf club management landscape.


CADDIEMASTER landing page

Last but certainly not least, it's time to look at one of the other biggest services on the market. CADDIEMASTER distinguishes itself from other solutions by offering specialised services rather than software solutions. Instead of providing a platform, CADDIEMASTER takes control of what can be a challenging department to manage, transforming it into an asset that impresses both golf clubs and visitors. Their focus lies in managing caddie programs to the highest standards, leveraging their expertise and track record to enhance the overall performance of any golf club.

The unique value proposition of CADDIEMASTER includes the development of distinctive recruitment screening processes, daily operational management systems, and comprehensive training programmes and materials. These elements are designed to ensure that clients receive a differentiated caddie product. CADDIEMASTER is equipped to operate caddie programs of any size, offering golf clubs the flexibility to decide the extent of their involvement – from recruiting and training caddies to managing every aspect of the programme.

Recognising the significant impact of caddies and forecaddies on the golf experience, CADDIEMASTER is dedicated to making sure that caddies serve as assets to a club’s operation and act as ambassadors for the facility. A notable aspect of their service is the assumption of liabilities associated with caddie accidents and injuries on the property. CADDIEMASTER places its own staff into golf clubs, providing workers’ compensation and general liability policies that cover all caddies. This proactive approach shields golf clubs from legal and tax liabilities related to caddie programs, offering peace of mind and long-term solutions. By collaborating with CADDIEMASTER, golf clubs can confidently entrust the management of their caddie program to seasoned professionals, eliminating concerns and allowing them to focus on delivering an exceptional golfing experience.

Our Thoughts

These are just some of the solutions out there on the market that we have been made aware of through chatting with golf clubs and conducting our own market research. Software providers such as Whoosh have a built in feature that allows you to assign caddies to tee time based on requests. We decided not to include these as there is no real planning or caddie scheduling with this service. However they could be a practical solution also. All the solutions have benefits for various different aspects and come in at very different price points. One thing is for certain, these platforms will help to enhance on-course experiences. Choose wisely to elevate your golf club’s caddie programme.

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