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Solving Pace of Play in Golf Clubs


What is Tag Marshal?

We are thrilled to welcome Tag Marshal to our Future of Golf Podcast. Tag Marshal, a golf course management company, was born from a personal experience on the course. Their innovative technology solution tackles the challenge of pace of play in problem in golf clubs. A problem that far too many golfer are aware of but do nothing about. Until now! 

The frustration of slow play can instantly remove you from the enjoyment of the game, which is exactly what Craig, the Chief Operating Officer of Tag Marshal, experienced firsthand with two groups stuck back to back waiting on the group in front to finish a hole! The golf course at the time were unaware of this problem until Craig pointed it out. This personal encounter with slow play served as a light bulb moment sparking the development of an innovative technology solution aimed at addressing the pace of play issue prevalent in the golf industry. Their innovative technology provides real-time data on the golf course, pinpointing areas of concern and providing course management with the necessary information to address issues and elevate the overall golfing experience for all players. 

What started as a personal frustration has now evolved something much more. Tag Marshal's technology has been adopted by over 500 courses worldwide, showcasing its effectiveness in tackling pace of play issues. Erin Hills and Whistling Straits partnering with Tag Marshal shows the impact of their solution. At the core of Tag Marshal's mission is to improve the our beloved sport for players of all levels. 

Tag Marshal's journey from a personal experience to a thriving company nothing short of inspiring and a testament to the power of identifying a problem and a gap in the market, developing an innovative solution, and creating positive change within an industry. Tag Marshal is reshaping the future of golf, one tee time at a time.

Big thanks to Craig for taking the time to talk to us about his experience.

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