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Making Green keeping Measurable - Maya App


Technology has indeed revolutionised the world of golf clubs, but what about the unsung heroes behind the scenes - the greenkeepers?

Introducing Maya, a cutting-edge AI system designed to gather real-time data from the golf course, analyse land conditions, and provide invaluable insights for efficient management. By accurately predicting potential issues and translating them into actionable recommendations, Maya not only helps in cost and resource savings but also plays a crucial role in preventing disease outbreaks. With its ability to swiftly generate treatment plans, Maya effectively alleviates the workload off of green keepers, allowing them to focus on other essential tasks.

Collaborating with golf clubs globally, Maya serves as a reliable companion for green keepers by offering alerts and detailed statistics on course conditions. Its seamless integration into daily operations makes it an essential tool for maintaining the pristine quality of golf courses.

We very much enjoyed out conversation with Valentin, we delved into the fascinating journey of their company, starting from its roots in Belgium to the exciting prospects on the horizon. It was truly inspiring to witness the passion and dedication driving the innovative solutions that Valentin's team is spearheading for the future of golf course management. We would also like to thank Valentin for her time and sharing her story.

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