Why Clubs Are Using Software for their Golf Caddie Programme

Golf is a sport that requires precision, focus, and strategy. To improve a golfer’s game, golfers often use caddies to provide guidance and advice. Many top clubs around the world run caddie programmes to provide the service of a caddie to visiting golfers and members. Caddying is one of the strongest traditions in the game of golf that exists in the present day. In recent years, the caddying industry has been evolving, with many clubs seeking a modern approach to running their caddie programme.

In our experience, there have been several reasons why staff at top golf clubs around the world like Te Arai Links, Portmarnock and Trump International Aberdeen have now adopted software to help staff manage their caddie programme

Administration reduction

From being caddie masters ourselves, we understand that the job of scheduling caddies is not an easy one. From changing availability of caddies to last minute pull outs, there is a range of scenarios that you must account for when scheduling caddie jobs. One of the most time consuming parts of being a caddiemaster is notifying caddies of new job opportunities and creating schedules for the upcoming days. However, clubs that have transitioned to using software to run their caddie have experienced a significant reduction in this administrative time. Using software, caddie masters now have the capability to easily access caddies availability, and notify their caddies of any job opportunities via an app at the click of a button.

Effective for Caddies

Many caddie yards now possess a youthful exuberance, with a new tech savvy generation of caddies emerging who are aiming to be as efficient with their time as possible.Through using software to schedule jobs, clubs won’t have caddies waiting around for hours to get the next jobs. Not only is software benefiting clubs, it’s better for your caddies too.Using software for your caddie programme may also serve to attract new, youthful and talented caddies to your club.

Automated Reporting

Caddie programmes that can be run via an app often come equipped with data analysis tools. This means that critical reports that the caddiemaster may have to complete including how many rounds each caddie has completed, total number of rounds for the year and caddie performance can now be automatically produced, saving your caddiemaster time.

Location Freedom

With caddie programmes that are still paper based, in order to schedule in jobs for the upcoming days, the caddiemaster may need to be present at the club to do so.. However, using a digital system, administrators of the caddie programme can input new jobs at any time and from anywhere. Many clubs including Trump International have noted that a considerable benefit to using their caddie scheduling software was to input new jobs into the system from home at night if there were any last minute requests. 

One Place to run your programme

Many clubs using traditional methods of scheduling may use multiple physical and online locations to store information about their caddie programme including text, WhatsApp groups, paper sheets, excel, google drive, you name it! But what happens if the caddiemaster leaves the club, or files get lost? Having a single point of failure for any system is unsustainable. Through using caddie scheduling software, clubs have one reliable location that stores all their information about their caddie programme that can be easily accessed at any time by those responsible for running the programme. Additionally, if a member of staff moves on, their account can be removed from your club’s login, and you’ll still have access to all your information. Bit simpler, right?

We firmly believe that golf clubs who adopt caddie scheduling software will experience several impressive benefits like the ones we mentioned about. At Handicaddie, we’re passionate about helping caddie programmes succeed.
If you’d like to see how our software is helping prestigious clubs around the world simplify their caddie programme and save staff time every day using Handicaddie, why not book a chat with us to find out more?


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