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What's NEW on Handicaddie App - Dashboard


We are super excited to share with you our new ‘Dashboard.’ We felt that it was very hard to see at a glance the operational state of your caddie programme with our platform currently. Now with this new addition you will be able to monitor the health of your caddie programme as well as being notified of any issues that may occur in advance.

Here’s what you need to know about our new dashboard:


🎬 Action Panel

This tool serves as your platform assistant, ensuring the smooth operation of your schedule by identifying any potential issues for the upcoming 3 days. If there are bookings requiring attention, they will be conveniently listed in the banner for your review. From here, you can access detailed information about each booking and take necessary actions as needed. Think of it as a fast action tool. 

📊 Statistics

Analytics are important part of running a successful caddie programme. On the dashboard we provided a few statistical points to help you better understand the condition of your caddie programme for the next 30 days as well as analysing your caddie programmes performance.

Number of Slots

This refers to the number of slots you have created on the scheduler

Number of Missed Slots

This refers to the number of open slots you have on the scheduler. Each missed slot is a player who didn’t get a caddie. Lower number the better.

Slot to Caddie Ratio

This gives you an estimate on the number of caddies available per slot. If the number is below 1.0 then you have more slots than caddies available. This is a great way to inform you that you need to get your caddies to set more availability

Most Caddie Rounds

This shows you who exactly is your top performing caddies are for that month.

Upcoming Bookings

This table will display a running order of the next upcoming tee times for one or more courses.

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