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Building a Tee Time App and Running a Golf Club?


From a young age, Luke's passion for golf sparked a journey that would lead him to take the reins of the family-owned Whiskey Run Golf Club. Immersing himself in the world of golf course management, Luke gained invaluable experience and insights into the intricate challenges of running a thriving golf club.

In this episode we delve into the origins of Luke and his family's venture into owning their very own golf club. Whisky Run Golf Club emerges as a standout gem in the Niagara region. Nestled just a stone's throw away from the majestic Niagara Falls  this club offers three distinct golfing experiences. Whisky Run offers a diverse range of challenges for golfers of all levels with its Owl, Serpent, and Fox courses varying in appearance, length, and difficulty. From tricky par-3's to strategic par-5's, every player is promised an unforgettable round. 

In addition to his role at Whiskey Run, Luke ventured into the world of technology by founding Birrdi, a golf software company that offers online tee booking services. Faced with the limitations of existing solutions, Luke saw an opportunity to create a more efficient and user-friendly tee sheet software that integrates seamlessly with Square. His innovative thinking and determination to overcome obstacles set him apart in an industry where tradition often reigns supreme.

With Luke's unique blend of expertise in both golf course management and technology, he stands out as a trailblazer who is reshaping the way golf clubs operate in the digital age. His unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous improvement serves as an inspiration to golf enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

It's pretty safe to say that Luke is built very differently from most people in the industry!

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