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How a Non-Golfer Built a Thriving Golf Company


What is Golfscape?

In our most recent episode of the Future of Golf Podcast, we had the pleasure of interviewing Raghad Mukhaimer, who truly embodies the idea that anything is possible.
Our conversation was not only enjoyable but also incredibly insightful as Raghad shared his journey of creating golfscape, a cutting-edge golf software company, despite not being a golfer himself! Golfscape, an online platform, helping keen golfers book tee times at some of the most incredible locations across the globe.
Coming from a software engineering background, Rudy's shift to the world of golf might seem unexpected at first. However, when he explains his thought process and demonstrates his extensive knowledge, it becomes clear why he made the decision. His tech-savvy perspective enabled him to identify the need for innovation in the golf industry's outdated booking systems.

Rudy also goes on to talk about the difficulty in establishing a two-sided marketplace and taking it to a global scale presents a whole new obstacles. Rudy openly shared his experiences in overcoming these challenges, highlighting the determination and adaptability in order to succeed. Something that most people creating their own business can relate to. Rudy says that the reason for golfscape success lies in creating alliances with golf clubs. These partnerships play a pivotal role in not only providing a range of courses but also creating trust and credibility within the golfing community. In an industry as expansive as golf, it's truly remarkable how interconnected everyone actually is. 

With over a decade of experience in the industry, it speaks volumes about his unwavering dedication to golfscape's mission. With ambitions of being the "Expedia for golf," the company is on the brink of transforming how golfers discover and book destinations globally. 

We would like to thank Rudy for his time and sharing his story with us.

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