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Caddie Companion App: How Useful is it for Scheduling?

We have talked about the benefits of using a caddie scheduling app to manage your caddie programme. Now we turn our attention to the caddie side and more specifically our Caddie Companion App.

Our Caddie App

When we set off on this journey to create the best caddie management tool around, we uncovered a common headache for golf clubs – the unpredictable nature of caddie availability. The Current system relies on a WhatsApp message or on a spreadsheet. If it were only so easy! As many caddiemasters will know that this is an ever changing environment with caddies having to pull out of jobs for one reason or another. This makes it difficult to keep on top of everything and plans made are soon thrown out.

caddie_companion app

Why was the Caddie App Needed?

Enter then Handicaddie: Caddie Companion app, designed to tackle two major issues. Firstly, it provides caddiemasters with real-time information, allowing them to create accurate schedules and plan ahead with confidence. No more last-minute chaos.

Caddie setting availability

Secondly and most importantly, our app aims to level the playing field for caddies. Traditional methods often favour a select group, leaving others feeling left out. Handicaddie seeks to create a fairer system, ensuring all caddies get the opportunities they deserve. Often caddiemasters have a core group of people they will choose for every job this is because they are reliable and more experienced than the rest. We want to help make a fairer playing field for all involved.

“The caddies are very happy, finding it so much easier and more fair way of getting jobs.”


How our Caddie App Helps?

Our Caddie Companion app bridges the gap for a more efficient form of communication between the caddiemaster and their team. The caddie app gives caddies the power to be more flexible with their time, creating a more precise account of their availability to a caddiemaster. This way a caddiemaster can plan and strategies the jobs they allocate instead of just fulfilling demand. This gives the caddie master time to focus on the day’s experience and select the appropriate caddies for jobs that match the guests’ needs. This results in a more tailored experience for golfers, making a positive impact on tourism and encouraging repeat visits.

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Getting Started

Joining a golf club’s caddie program is straightforward with Handicaddie. Caddies can apply through the app, available on both Android and iOS devices. Acceptance into the program is at the caddie master’s discretion, ensuring control over programme membership.

Caddie login screen


Once accepted, caddies can easily indicate their availability through a user-friendly calendar feature. This information is transmitted to the caddie master, who can then allocate jobs accordingly. Job notifications are sent to the caddie app, allowing caddies to accept or decline based on their availability and preferences. Commitments are expected to be honoured, with any issues communicated promptly to the caddiemaster so they can make changes.


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