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Handicaddie Caddie App: Then Vs Now

Our Journey So Far

It’s amazing to think that it has been three years since Handicaddie embarked on a mission to revolutionise the caddying industry. Today, we reflect on the journey we've had and the valuable lessons we've learned along the way.


Handicaddie was born from a vision to make it easier for golf clubs to organise and book caddies while ensuring fairness and equal opportunities for all.

We started with the idea of allowing golfers to pick caddies based on their needs and preferences, empowering players to take control. By doing this we reduced the need for a caddiemaster to spend hours trying to organise the caddies for jobs. Our solution also involved all sides of the equation from not just golf clubs perspective, but caddies, caddie masters and golf operators as well

Challenges Faced

It turned out that while many loved the concept, our initial solution fell short in several ways:

❌ The system was too complex and complicated.
❌ Too much control was being taken away from the golf clubs making it hard •for them to trust using our product.
❌ As our system was reliant on visitors selecting caddies, getting golfers to use the system could prove to be difficult.

But remember, this journey is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Lessons Learned

We took these challenges as learning opportunities:

✅ We needed clarity on our company goals.
✅ We needed to streamline our system to the basics.
✅ We pinpointed who we're really here to help.

After tons of hard work and feedback, we've created a game-changing service for golf clubs:

📅 Efficient Scheduler:

Manage your caddie programme effortlessly, regardless of its size.

📱 All-in-One Platform:

Say goodbye to endless phone calls and texts.

📊 No More Spreadsheets:

Create daily schedules without the hassle.

🏢 Customised Service for you:

Tailored solutions for every golf club.

⏰ Caddie Flexibility:

Caddies can now choose when they're available by updating their availablity on our caddie app.

We've come a long way from our initial idea. Embracing mistakes has been a great guide in helping to create a service that has had  a significant impact on the golf clubs we've partnered with.

Handicaddie set out to modernise the caddying industry. Today, we are simplifying caddie scheduling for all. We have a grander vision ahead, and although we still have a long way to go, we're making progress in the right direction.

Let us know what you think of our progress. 

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