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Obbi Golf: Safety And Compliance In A Single Platform

What is Obbi Golf

It’s great to meet other passionate people in the golf industry who are striving to make a difference in the sport that we love so much. We have known about Obbi Golf for a few years now and it’s fantastic to see their company go from strength to strength.

In case you are unaware of who they are, here is a sneak peak of what they do. Obbi Golf is a Belfast based startup whose core product is designed to simplify the day-to-day runnings of a golf club into a single platform, covering everything from greenkeeping and operations through to hospitality. Obbi Golf simplifies safety and organisation for clubs by digitising paperwork like safety protocols, training records, checks, audits, and accident reports. This makes it easier for managers and committees to ensure everyone meets compliance requirements within the club, contributing to a safer environment. 

We had the pleasure of speaking with Ryan Bell, Senior Account Manager for Obbi Golf. Ryan takes us through his career path, which includes roles at prominent companies like Heineken and FedEx. His introduction to the golf software realm began with BRS, a valuable experience that paved the way for his current role at Obbi Golf. In the course of our conversation, he offers insights into the world of sales, highlighting his expertise, dedication, and genuine desire to assist individuals within the golf community. Ryan also provides an account of his initial connection with the founders of Obbi Golf, hinting at the key factors contributing to the platform’s remarkably swift success.

The podcast continues to provide valuable insights into the startup world, sharing practical advice for business growth. It also discusses the importance of staying motivated and resilient in the face of challenges, offering strategies to maintain a positive mindset even during tough times.

Ryan also offers his perspective on the industry’s future trajectory, discussing both the advantages and disadvantages of the sport, sharing with us the necessary shifts for the sport’s evolution and improvement. Additionally, we gain insight into Obbi Golf’s future plans and their mission to address industry challenges and innovate for the better.

Our conversation with Ryan was truly enjoyable, and we’re sincerely appreciative of the time he dedicated to speaking with us. His wealth of knowledge is both valuable and inspiring, especially for us at Handicaddie as we aim to accomplish similar achievements to those of Obbi Golf. 

If you are interested in learning more about what Obbi Golf can do, check out their website at

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