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Teeing Up Success

In the world of golf, technology has revolutionised not just the way we play the game but also how clubs manage their daily tasks. One of the biggest changes is booking tee times. Long gone are the days of manual phone bookings and paper schedules. However, nowadays, golf clubs are using tee sheet providers to make things smoother. This makes it easier for golfers to book tee times and helps with scheduling for visitors. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the tee sheet providers that are driving success for top golf clubs around the globe.

GolfNow and BRS

GolfNow stands as one of the pioneers in the tee sheet provider landscape. With its user-friendly platform and vast network, GolfNow connects and allows golfers to book online tee times with thousands of courses worldwide. One its biggest selling points also provides tools for dynamic pricing, allowing clubs to adjust rates based on demand, weather conditions, and other factors. This is a great choice if you are looking to advertise your golf course to the public and increase visitors

Now for one that is very close to home. In recent years BRS was acquired by Golf Now because of its highly innovative system and its popularity in the UK and Ireland which is  trusted by 3,500 golf clubs across 14 countries. BRS takes the lead as a premier tee sheet solution, specialising in optimising golf club operations through its easy to use and streamlined interface for tee time bookings. Its advanced course management tools allow golf clubs to efficiently allocate slots, implement dynamic pricing, and enhance revenue potential. The platform seamlessly integrates with other management systems on the market that may be used at a golf club, making it the central point for operations.Furthermore, BRS also has a mobile app helping golfers to book a tee time at the push of a button, helping to ensure precise bookings and elevate work from staff

A winning partnership for BRS Golf and GolfNow, a powerful management tool combined with an extensive network, makes them the powerhouse in this space of the golf industry.

EZLinks Golf

One that is becoming a popular choice with customers we have spoken to is EZLinks Golf. EZLinks is renowned for its comprehensive suite of golf course management solutions, with its tee sheet technology being a standout feature. The platform simplifies tee time reservations, enables online booking, and supports dynamic pricing strategies. What makes EZLinks Golf particularly appealing is its integration with other club management functionalities like POS systems, loyalty programs, and revenue-generating opportunities.

Jonas Club Software

Jonas Tee Time Solution

Jonas Tee Time Solution

Jonas software is an ever expanding company that  acquires, manages, and builds industry-specific software companies globally. They have a range of specialised services for various industries, however what are going to take a look  at is Jonas Club Software. This system has range tailored solutions that will help streamline club various admin roles and help meet the goals of the club. Jonas has positioned itself as a prominent player in golf club management solutions. What makes Jonas Club software shine is its ability to cater to the diverse needs of golf club members. Clubs using this software can offer priority tee time bookings to their members, ensuring their convenience, satisfaction and loyalty to its own. Beyond booking, Jonas Club software allows golf clubs to effortlessly integrate with other tools to help make operations run smoothly and elevate members’ experience feeling more connected to the club that they love. They have a lot to offer any golf club looking to make improvements solidifying itself  as a leading solution in modern golf club management.


MembersFirst Tee Time Solution

MembersFirst, an award-winning software company specialising in member-oriented organisations, has emerged as a preferred choice for numerous golf and country clubs in the US. The reasons behind its popularity become clear upon closer examination. MembersFirst offers a comprehensive array of services tailored to these clubs, including the creation and customisation of bespoke websites for enhanced member experiences. From refining SEO to developing engaging marketing campaigns, MembersFirst takes on these responsibilities, allowing club administrators to focus on other essential tasks. MembersFirst, recognises the significance of smooth club operations, that’s why their system seamlessly integrates with other management tools, ensuring a unified and efficient service for club members.

However, our focus here is their Tee sheet software, where MembersFirst excels. Their intuitive system, available online and on mobile, transforms golf club management. The adaptable tee sheet introduces innovations like shotguns and crossover starts for better course usage. Date-based restrictions for members and guests streamline scheduling and making fair for all parties. Interestingly, they also offer an automated draw/lottery tee time system, using points for desired tee times. These are just some of the benefits that come with using this system. What I found the most intriguing is the fact they are willing to work alongside and integrate with industry leaders like Golf Genius, GolfHits, Jonas, and the clubsystems group in order to provide a totally comprehensive solution.


Last but by no means least we have Clubessential. This company is one of the top providers of full suite membership and club management solutions for a range of organisations including golf, yacht, and private clubs.Their tailor-made approach offers private clubs with their very own bespoke website, tee times, mobile apps, accounting, POS, CRM and other software solutions. This service has been utilised in over 1,300 private clubs in order to better attract, engage and grow membership. Notably, Clubessential doesn’t stop there. They also equip Golf Professionals with the tools necessary to manage their business and daily tasks effectively. Recognizing that they play a major role in the club as instructors, merchandisers, organisers, and supervisors, Clubessential positions itself as a front-runner. They acknowledge Professionals competitive drive and the constant pursuit of an advantage. Just as technology can enhance your game on the tee, it can also elevate your performance across your responsibilities. Whether it’s understanding what members want, sharing tee time rules, handling merchandise, or coordinating staff, Clubessential makes sure you can do everything better and faster, keeping you on top of your game.

In terms of a tee sheet provider, Clubessential has you covered. Their reservation Solution enables members to browse, book, and manage tee times, courts, dining pool, fitness, massage, personal training, and other club activities and amenities from their mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. Clubessential’s tee sheet features a versatile rules engine that controls bookings based on factors like day, time, season, and member type. Each tee sheet is designed to suit a golf club’s needs, accommodating everything from simple setups to complex multi-course operations. Clubessential pride themselves on supporting your golf club’s unique operations setup and offer guidance on best practices for online member tee time booking.

A really cool and interesting feature is how they manage to solve frenzy weekend morning tee times. Not all providers can manage the rush effectively. With Clubessential, a countdown timer ensures members know when times open. If multiple members want the same time, the fastest finger first secures it. If someone’s slightly late, they get the next available time. This reliable system has been tested for a decade. Knowing it’s truly first-come, first-served eases member frustrations when high traffic hits the tee sheet.

Golf club management systems are changing the way clubs work and golfers book tee times. From GolfNow’s extensive reach to BRS Golf’s user-friendly system, and from MembersFirst’s personalised approach to Clubessential’s full range of solutions, these providers are making operations smoother and golf experiences more enjoyable for everyone. They’re reshaping the game making it more efficient. If you’re in the market for a solution that has proven itself to be a reliable solution, why not try one of these.

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