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What Is Inrange?

It's winter and that means for most of us golf courses are closed or it's too dark to go for a quick 9 hole practice session. This forces many of us to head to the driving range to get our weekly fix. Back in the day golfers used to buy a bucket of ball and hit them aimlessly at yardage target out in a big open field with little to no thought on what they are trying to achieve. Driving ranges in the past were dull, uninviting for only the most enthusiastic of golfers to go. In last 10 years this has completely changed, with many ranges now being kitted out with the latest launch monitor technology like Trackman, Top Tracer or Top Golf

For this episode of the Future of Golf Podcast we are taking a look at one of our earlier episodes where we chatted with Ian Blunt, Marketing Manager for Inrange, a company changing the traditional driving range experience using cutting-edge technology.

Inrange's features include gamified practice, real-time data tracking, and easy usability. Ian stresses their goal is to make golf more accessible and inclusive by making practice fun for everyone. With instant feedback on performance, it helps golfers improve ensuring all levels of golfers can benefit from it.

Inrange's commitment to promoting accessibility and inclusivity aligns with the broader vision of making golf a sport that is enjoyable and engaging for a diverse range of individuals. By gamifying the practice experience, the company aims to break down barriers and create an environment where individuals of varying skill levels and backgrounds are welcome and able to improve their golfing abilities as well as exposing our sport to wider audience.

Big shoutout to Ian for taking the time with us and sharing his knowledge on technology space. If you are interested in finding out more about Inrange Just click the link below. 


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