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Top Upcoming Golf Software Changing The Golf Industry!

In our previous blogs, we’ve covered the top tee sheet providers in the golf industry. Today, we’re shifting our focus to emerging tools and services that are making waves in the golfing world. These innovations have the potential to transform various aspects of golf club operations, from player engagement to golf club management. Join us as we explore these pioneering technologies and their impact on the future of golf. Whether you’re a golf club manager or an avid golfer there is something for everyone.

Golf Genius

Coming up first is a company who we have just recently introduced to even though they have been operating for a few years now. Golf Genius Software serves as a companion to golf clubs, course managers, tournament organisers, and golf professionals alike. It has a suite of tools that  helps to simplify and streamline the entire process of planning, executing, and scoring golf tournaments, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all involved. Whether you’re a casual player looking to add some fun to your weekend round or a serious competitor at the highest level, Golf Genius is perfect for all abilities. 

Golf Genius helps to make the whole experience unforgettable from not  just a generic stat tracker. They have developed live scoring on mobile allowing players and staff to enter hole-by-hole scores and with instant feedback to all competitors. Topping it all off, these results can be showcased live on large displays making it easier to follow once you have finished your round. Using their platform you can create your own personalised event website. Here you can manage registrations, showcase sponsors, and share event details, tee times, results, photos, and more. I think this makes using the platform a fun experience for users.

This month we had the privilege of being invited to the second annual “Race to Carton House” Series by Obbi Golf and Golf Genius Software, at the stunning Druids Glen Hotel & Golf Resort! We had an absolute blast playing and networking with other people involved in the golf industry. What made this experience so great was we got to see first hand how the Golf Genius Software works in real time. One of the formats we played was quite interesting. The 18-hole course was divided into 3 sections of 6 holes. The highest number of points in each of these 6 hole stretches, as well as the overall champion of the day, secured a spot in the final round at Carton House. Therefore if you were playing poorly (like I was) you still had a shot at advancing. It was a really fun twist that made a challenging course enjoyable and fair for all abilities of golfers. This is just one of the many tournament formats that is available on the Golf Genius app. I would definitely love to have something like this for my Saturday morning Fourball!

It isn’t just stat tracking that they provide, they also have tools that can be used to help Golf Shops run more efficiently. Using Golf Genius you can keep track of online orders on every step of the journey to your shop. It also can be used to help manage stock, request and track demo clubs, enhance your golf professionals coaching ability and as well any other administrative tasks like managing staff schedules. What also sets it apart from other solutions is that they can integrate with existing systems.This is just a small aspect of what they can do. Check them out and see the benefits they can provide you.


Tee Control, a Netherlands-based tee sheet provider, offers an easy-to-use solution for golf courses that can be set up with minimal effort and training. The company understands that current solutions use outdated technology that suit every golf course style of management. The structure and flexibility of the system make a desired product for the global golf market.

Tee Control utilises the latest technology and operates entirely in the cloud, ensuring speed and efficiency. As it is a cloud based software means that Teecontrol can continuously improve its already extensive package in the background without hindering their customers experience, ensuring a smarter system every time a new update is released. 

Reservations can be made within seconds, and filters can be applied with just one click. You can search for players by name, email, or federation number and perform bulk actions easily. Customisation is key, allowing you to manage time slots, loops, pricing, and more to fit your unique golf course needs.You can also manage other services such as time slots on the driving range so the possibilities are endless

Booking tee times is a breeze through the user-friendly web app, offering quick availability checks, booking, and optional online payment. You can book for yourself or friends and even use the convenient online check-in with QR codes for early or late starters, streamlining the check-in process.

Teecontrol understands the importance of planning and optimising capabilities and that is why they are open partners and integrate with other tools out there to deliver the best service possible. They integrated with systems like Golf Genius, Golfspot, Golfdashboard, Players 1st and even your golf club’s POS systems.

What truly drew us to their product was its sleek, modern, and visually appealing design, making it an exceptionally attractive system to work with. We have been genuinely inspired by the way they have presented their app and are taking notes for future projects outside.

Obbi Golf

Obbi Golf is a Belfast based startup whose core product is designed to simplify the day-to-day runnings of a golf club into a single platform, covering everything from greenkeeping and operations through to hospitality. Obbi Golf simplifies safety and organisation for clubs by digitising paperwork like safety protocols, training records, checks, audits, and accident reports. All the information is accessed using a simple-to-use, all-in-one platform solution, making it easier for managers and committees to ensure everyone meets compliance requirements within the club, contributing to a safer environment.

Their overall goal is to improve the quality of standards in the workplace, make sure all staff are well trained, understand procedures and provide the best service possible.Often, these attributes are easily disregarded, but Obbi Golf acknowledges their paramount significance, particularly within the golf industry, where responsibility often falls upon an individual or a small team ill-equipped to address such matters. This is a challenge they are determined to tackle, one that could prove advantageous to any club seeking to elevate its standards.

How Many Strokes

This is a company we have had the pleasure of getting to know over the past year, we recently had Frederik Knudsen director of sales for How Many Strokes on Future of Golf Podcast. In 2022 at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, How Many Strokes was introduced to golfers as the ideal way to present a golf club’s handicap conversion table with the new World Handicap System. The idea of the system is that it is designed to save time, space and eventually resources by eliminating the for paper and the time spent calculating changes to handicaps at each golf course.

How Many Strokes is a digital conversion table that comes with different types of displays: A 10-inch desk display, a 15- and a 21-inch wall-mounted touch screen, and a 21.5-inch touch screen display stand. This done so that any club can choose which setup is the best for their members experience

The How Many Strokes solution, uses an extensive database and algorithm that can be interacted with on a screen. Once you acquire the system, all you have to do is verify the slope rating and length of your golf course, then choose and mount your preferred display. That’s it! Guests and members can enjoy the convenience of an easy-to-use, attractive and precise way of obtaining their playing handicap at the golf club. What also makes this product very useful is that any future changes to the table can be done electronically eliminating the potential for errors.

There are also other uses for having these digital information boards too. For example it reduces the cost and time involved in maintaining a physical notice board. That way a club can display any type of information they choose such as tournament schedules, course status and conditions, events and even pin sheets, basically any information that would typically be printed out. Golf clubs can utilise these boards as opportunities for sponsors to show off their products and promotional materials in a more visually appealing and professional way. Personally it makes a club feel more prestigious and will leave a great impression on guests visiting your club.

One of the best things about using these boards is that they can be integrated into your existing systems, such as a club’s website, social media platforms, or any other platform  where a member of staff has to regularly update information. Staff members can customise the information that is displayed and it can be instantly sent to the How Many Strokes app where members can view it.

Currently there are over 50 clubs utilising this system and it is expected to grow. Definitely one to keep an eye out for.


Another company to debut at the 2022 PGA Show is Whoosh. Their software is designed to streamline golf operations and enhance members’ experience at private clubs. Clubs using Whoosh have seen a dramatic change meaning less time spent in administration and as a result reduced revenue loss which has allowed staff to provide better experience to members.

Whoosh has a bunch of useful features for golf clubs. They can help with things like booking tee times, pace of play, keeping track of caddies and reserving lunches or lockers, among other things.

One thing that makes Whoosh special is that they can also help clubs that don’t use tee times, like many private clubs. Instead, they have a “Waitlist” feature. This is handy for dealing with people who just show up to play without booking ahead. Staff can set preferred times and easily add players to the schedule when they’re ready to start. Additionally, Whoosh can work together with other services that golf clubs often use, like Golf Genius.

What we found interesting was the fact they can assign caddies to their members. It may not be as bespoke as the Handicaddie system, however it allows staff members to track and communicate with caddies directly from the timesheet. That way a caddie can be contacted and arranged to be on the first tee in just a few clicks. From the outset this system looks like it caters for its customers needs with a clean and easy to use interface. Whoosh seems to be fast becoming a very popular choice for a lot of clubs and it’s easy to understand why.

These are just some the fantastic solutions out there, let us know what you think of our choices. What solutions would you like to see at you golf club?

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