What is a Golf Club Caddie and Their Role?

What is a Golf Club Caddie

Becoming a club caddie is a fantastic opportunity with numerous benefits. Not only is the money good, but it also allows you to work outdoors and interact with some of the most successful and influential individuals. You never know who you'll meet. One thing that often gets overlooked is the potential for earning a college scholarship adds to its appeal. This is something that is mainly done in the United States to help caddies getting into college. For more information check out the Evans Scholarship programme. 

Golf club caddies have been an integral part of the game for centuries. The concept using caddies can be traced back to the 17th century in Scotland, where you know the modern game originated. Initially, caddies were boys who carried the golfers' clubs and helped them navigate the course. If you want to learn more about the history of caddying check out this:


Over time, the role of caddies evolved, and they became more than just some random person carrying some golf clubs.Today, a golf caddie is responsible for providing valuable insights and advice to golfers, helping them select the best shot to play. 
In the early days, club caddies were often unpaid and relied on tips from the golfers. However, as the popularity of the sport grew, club caddies started receiving compensation for their services. Today, caddies play a crucial role in ensuring guests have an exceptional experience at any golf club. Even at the professional level, the competition is so high quality that caddies are more important than ever. Finding a caddie that complements your playing style, can strategically plan your course approach, and with whom you have excellent synergy, is crucial for maximising a golfer's performance. 

A Basic Guide of Being a Caddie

A golf club caddie has various responsibilities that  help to make the golfer’s round smooth and add value as much as possible. Here is just a short list of some of the key tasks involved in caddying. To help create this list we got our information from

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Bag carrier

It goes without saying that their primary responsibility is carrying the golfer's clubs throughout the course. However, the role of caddies goes beyond simply carrying the golfer's clubs. They must carefully handle the requested clubs and be prepared to provide them promptly. After the golfer takes their shot, the caddie must place the club back in its designated slot.

Dress well

Presentation and image means a lot in the golfing world, that's why dressing the part is so important. Just because you aren't playing doesn’t mean that you shouldn't be dressed in appropriate golf attire. This is often dictated by the club and some may even have a specific uniform.

Know the Basics

As a caddie you aren’t not required to have a vast understanding of golf or be a high level golfer either. However you do require a basic knowledge of the terminology and how the scoring works. Having a general understanding of how far each club will go is ok but often players will ask for advice on what to hit and you will need to be able to provide insight on how to approach their shot.

Being Prepared

All caddies should have a checklist of things they will need before they head out to the golf course. Be sure to pack a scorecard and pencil, a towel, a selection of tees, and a couple of spare balls in your pocket for quick access. Additionally, it's always a good idea to check with your golfer if they need anything specific before you head out onto the golf course like food or a bottle of water. Always be prepared!

Golf Course Knowledge

It goes without saying, but a caddie must know  the golf course inside out. Identifying all potential danger zones and hazards that could impact a player's score is crucial. Furthermore, caddies play a key role in assisting golfers with determining distances and analysing the golf course layout. They offer valuable insights on hazards, slopes, and distances to the green, guiding players to make strategic shot selections based on their skill level.

Understanding your golfer

Every player is different as a club caddie it is important that you observe how a player conducts themselves. For example some players like to play quickly whereas others take their time. Some may be more chatty and want to talk, others may be quiet and just want to get on with the game. Sometimes saying nothing is the best thing! General rule would be don't speak unless spoken to. You will need to be able to adapt to both situations. Even at the highest level having a good chemistry with your player is super beneficial. A caddie should be able to adjust to how their player works on and off the golf course so that they can be at their best. A player should be able to put their complete trust in the advice they are given.

Be Ready

As a club caddie your job is to make the round as smooth as possible and keep things moving forward. One way you can do this is to make sure the golf bag is easily reachable to the golfer for quick access. Be ready to hand over specific clubs promptly when requested or have the bag prepared for a seamless transition before their shot. As a caddie you will be asked common questions like “Where’d that go?” or “How far was it to the green?” As a caddie it is your duty to have an answer. You should be able to track the general area of where the ball is. Use landmarks on the course to help with finding the ball. Knowing the distance is key. Many caddies nowadays will have a range finding device. If you don't have that then you will have to do it the old fashioned way, by pacing out the distance from the yardage markers to the golf ball. Remember there is more to it than just giving a number to the flag. A club caddie must be able to factor all various elements such as wind directions or obstacles to avoid when recommending a shot to hit and above all else be able to communicate this information to their player with ease.

As well as being ready on the course you need to be ready off the course also. Being a club caddie means that you need to be dependable when requested to take a bag. Managing your schedule effectively and efficiently will improve your credibility which means you can be offered better job opportunities. This can be achieved so easily with using our Handicaddie system. Many of the clubs we work with have streamlined the process of managing their caddie programme to a push of a button. If you want to learn more about Handicaddie can do for you caddie programme then book a demo with us or contact us today using

Maintaining Golf Club Standards 

Caddies are responsible for maintaining the golf course etiquette by making sure that the course is kept in pristine condition. They rake bunkers, repair divots and fix pitch marks on the green. If this is done correctly the golf course will look like it has been played on and all guests will get to experience the golf course at its best.

Qualities of a Great Golf Club Caddie

Being a great golf club caddie requires a combination of skills and qualities. Firstly, excellent communication skills are essential. Caddies need to effectively communicate with golfers, providing clear and concise information about the golf course and their recommendations. 

Another crucial aspect is having a solid understanding of the game of golf. Caddies should be well-versed in different shot strategies, knowledgeable about various golf clubs, and have a good grasp of the golf course layout. This knowledge allows them to offer valuable advice and insights to golfers.

Strong social skills skills are essential for caddies to build positive relationships with golfers, ensuring a comfortable and trusting environment. They must be attentive, responsive, and adaptable to the golfer's preferences.

Lastly, physical stamina is necessary as caddies are required to walk long distances and carry heavy golf bags throughout the course. They should be able to maintain their energy and focus, ensuring they provide consistent support to the golfer.

Benefits of Having a Golf Club Caddie

Having a golf club caddie can greatly enhance a golfer's experience on the course. One of the key benefits is the caddie's expertise and knowledge of the golf course. They can provide valuable insights and advice, helping golfers make informed decisions and improve their performance. If you want to understand the value of having a caddie programme at your golf club has, then check out our blog on Lundin Links setting up a caddie programme using Handicaddie.

Additionally, caddies can help speed up the pace of play. By taking care of tasks such as club selection, yardage calculations, and course navigation, caddies allow golfers to focus on their swings and maintain a steady rhythm throughout the game.

Golf can be very stressful. Caddies can contribute to the mental aspect of the game. Their support and encouragement can boost a golfer's confidence and help them stay focused, even in challenging situations. Caddies can also provide valuable feedback and help golfers analyse their shots to identify areas for improvement.

Lastly, having a caddie adds a sense of luxury and prestige to the golfing experience. It allows golfers to fully immerse themselves in the game and enjoy the convenience of having a dedicated assistant to cater to their needs.

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